The Team


Richard_smFor the past several decades Dick Lyles has devoted a significant amount of his life’s energies into projects that will make a positive difference for Catholics and our culture. As CEO of Leadership Legacies, LLC, he spearheaded the development of a comprehensive leadership development program for Catholic priests that is being delivered through the Catholic Leadership Institute in Exeter, PA. More than 1000 priests in 36 dioceses around the country are benefitting from this program. In support of the program he wrote a popular parable to introduce priests to the concepts of day-to-day leadership entitled, Good Leaders, Good Shepherds, published by Ascension Press.

As a founding member of the Board of Directors of The Act One Program in Hollywood, Dick has worked alongside Barbara Nicolosi for the better part of a decade to train Christians for writing careers and executive careers in television and movie making. The Act One Program is having a powerful positive impact on both Hollywood and the broader culture.

Dick is past CEO of Relevant Radio, a thirty-three station Catholic radio network serving parts of the Midwest, South and Eastern portions of the United States. Relevant radio played a key role in these markets in evangelizing, education, and nurturing Catholic values in support of our bishops.

Dick has been a member of Legatus, an international association of CEOs and their spouses for more than a decade, having served as president of the San Diego Chapter for two years. He is a sought after speaker on the Legatus circuit, having addressed more than three dozen chapters and delivered a keynote at their International Summit.

All of these experiences point to Dick’s commitment to causing positive changes in the culture that are rooted in Catholic teaching and true Christian philosophy. This is a point of view that has been lost in Hollywood, where 75% of the world’s media is produced. Dick is thus an excellent person to lead Genesis in its goal to re-establish Catholic values and world view as a normal and accepted element in mainstream movie making.


Martha_smMartha brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge to the Genesis Initiative team. Martha has been a long-time advocate for Catholic causes, and has worked in various political campaigns and media drives to bring Catholic values and traditions to the forefront of our culture. Martha was Catechist at St. Gabriel’s parish in Poway for 13 years before serving as Director of Religious Education for another 9 years. She currently serves as Director of Development and teaches adult Bible study. She and her husband Dick have three grown children who have brought five grandchildren into the world. It is for them that she and Dick are volunteering their time and committing their resources to the success of The Genesis Initiative.