Our Reason for Being

The Genesis Initiative was incorporated as a California public benefit [501(c)3 tax exempt] corporation out of recognition that we live in an anti-Christian era driven by heavy sentiments of anti-Catholicism. Making things worse is the fact that Catholics have done little to counter this trend in our broader culture.

Mission Statement

To ensure that great movies, reflecting great Catholic stories and themes, are properly produced as magnificent works of art and that Catholics go to see them so we can re-establish a Catholic presence in the culture for future generations.


We envision a culture where:

  • People go to theaters and see movies about great Catholic Heroes, Catholic values, and Catholic themes and leave with an attitude of reverence and a feeling of awe at the beauty, the truth, and the virtue that those movies reflect;
  • People aspire to emulate the Catholic heroes whose stories are told in theaters;
  • Many of the brightest and most talented people making movies and producing television shows are Catholic, and are eager to create great Catholic projects;
  • We’ll be able to look back on the previous decade and say that at least a third of the top ten movies of that decade reflect Catholic teaching and bring glory and honor to God;
  • Catholic-themed movies will give Catholics confidence and courage and instill in them the pride to be authentic Catholics in the prevailing culture.


  • Faith.  All we do and everything we support reflects Catholic ideology and teaching.  We are faithful to the magisterium, loyal to the Pope and our bishops.
  • Impact.  In all we do we strive to make a positive difference. We leverage our resources and are perspicacious in how we use all means at our disposal to make tangible differences in the world around us.
  • Beauty.  We believe that art – and especially the art of movies in today’s culture – can achieve transformative impact not achievable through other channels.
  • Sustainability.  We recognize that we don’t live in a “one shot” world. Random or isolated individual efforts will fade quickly with the passage of time. We realize that in order to make a lasting difference we must make a lasting effort.
  • Involvement.  We believe that rather than avoiding, ignoring or confronting Hollywood from afar, that Catholics should get involved.  We need strong presence in this mission field. This means supporting the production of Catholic-themed movies through investments or donations as well as going to see movies that are well-made in line with our world view.