The Genesis Initiative is one of the country’s leading Catholic non-profits working in Hollywood today.

It’s really that simple! Genesis has a volunteer staff and board whose sole mission is to help encourage and promote entertainment reflecting Catholic values and Catholic inspired themes for the movies, television and other outlets for media.

Over the past few decades it has become increasingly obvious that we live an in anti-Christian era driven by heavy sentiments of anti-Catholicism. Making things worse is the fact that Catholics have often been loosing the battle to counter this trend in the arts and especially in media today. Most of the impetus for this trend comes from Hollywood.

Hollywood moviemakers dramatically shape our culture. That is why Genesis aims to help support and encourage the development and production of great Catholic inspired movies and documentaries.

OUR PROJECTS are all about changing lives! We have a full list of current and completed projects.

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In honor of the hundredth anniversary of the Fatima apparitions and our FATIMA premiere in May, 2017, we are launching a year-long global movement called THE PRAY FOR PEACE CAMPAIGN.

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